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Mr. Jason Whitehead

Spirit of life COGBF

Youth Leader

Spirit of Life, COGBF Youth Ministry Mission Statement


To establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values and behaviors in young people ages 9 to 19.  Our youth ministry exists to REACH students, around the globe to CONNECT them with other students and to help them GROW in their Faith. Also to challenge their growth to DISCOVER their ministry and HONOR God with their life.



Master’s in Business Administration: (2010) University of Phoenix, Marietta, GA Bachelor of Science: (2003) Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA


Why I am Committed to MINISTRY

Because of Ministry I am highly skilled in managing friendships/relationships, especially in interpersonal effectiveness, conflict management, building bonds, building trust, teamwork and collaboration. Ministry allows me to operate in my God-given abilities and talents without needing approval from any man/woman.


A Learning Experience that Changed Me

When I hit rock bottom twice within 2 years.  It taught me that God is in control of everything and He is the ultimate source of EVERYTHING! Therefore, I will not worry about anything.


My Favorite Book/A Book I recommend

Doug Fields: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry


My Favorite Snack         Kit-Kat bar

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